Final day: Panel 2- Digital and Social Media

The first speaker was Dora Santos Silva with her presentation “Print Magazines in the Digital Environment: Editorial and Positioning Strategies.” This paper examines how the media magazine industry is innovating in the digital environment, regarding the editorial process and the media brand positioning. It was concluded that print magazines still struggle with a strategy to exist online. In addition, it was also found that there were no editorial differences between the print product and the digital one.

Secondly, Cátia Ferreira and Carla Ganito presented their paper “Mapping Digital Magazines: Reading as a Practice of Disconnection.” The paper aims at mapping people’s practices of disconnecting as a form of resistance, and initiatives that offer offline spaces. In the new digital ecosystem, staying ON seems to be, at the surface, the most effective strategy to engage with the audience. This is especially true for the media and other creative industries, that suffered in the last years an abrupt adaptation to the digital environment and depend highly on social media to disseminate their work.

The final speaker of this panel was Pedro Jerónimo who discussed “Preguiça Magazine: From Editorial Product to Community Impact”. The research makes a unique contribution to a practically unknown field in media studies in Portugal, that of local magazines. This is because magazines are not a usual presence in the Portuguese local media landscape. For this reason, exceptions must be studied.