Day 2: Panel 1- Debating News Magazines

Firstly, Rute Muchacho and Alexandra Barradas kicked off the discussion with their presentation “Visual Communication and Journalism: Teaching Visual Literacy for the Design of News Magazines.”

During their research, they analysed the design project of the discipline of Digital
Image Computing from the Degree in Communication and Journalism at Universidade
Lusófona. Through the use of a questionnaire, they concluded that the answers given are positive to the good development of the CU throughout the semester. In addition, at the end of the process, students usually surprise themselves and their teachers- with complete newsmagazines designed from scratch.

The next speaker was Sonia Lamy who presented the project “A Regional Newsmagazine in the Context of Declining Press – The Case of Mais Alentejo.”

Through a analysis of Mais Alentejo Magazine, they took into consideration the role regional journalism plays in a local press context. It was concluded that a magazine should have “concrete cases, experiences and personal testimonies, which raise the public’s identification with the stories and clarify the data gathered by the investigating journalist.”

Finally, the last speakers on this panel were Carla Baptista and Teresa Campos, presenting their work “Domestic violence narratives in the Newsmagazine Visão.” It was concluded that media coverage of domestic violence is typically androcentric, insufficient, poor and unethical.

The next panel is “Questions about indie magazines and visual journalism.”