Day 1: Panel 1 of MtM6- Magazine Trends

Miglena Sternadori explored the commodified materiality of magazines and magazine brands. An interesting point argued in this presentation is how materiality has become a luxury good in the age of digitisation. In addition, it was concluded that magazines’ materiality still matters as an agent of prestige and social difference more than ever because immateriality (digitisation) has become the norm.

Carla Rodrigues Cardoso researched the newsmagazine transformations in the digital age, using President Donald Trump as a case study. Through a content analysis, it was found on 60% of the photos analysed on the newsmagazines websites and covers, that Trump looked serious or annoyed- showing how he is represented. It was also concluded that newsmagazines are struggling to preserve their hybrid identity on digital and they need to differentiate themselves from daily digital newspapers.

Tim Holmes of Cardiff University and the founder of Mapping the Magazine presented his research “Towards a New Taxonomy of Magazine Genres”. It was concluded in this research how the reliance on print profit is much less than it used to be and the focus is now on digital and social media, which are used in limited and very strategic ways. It was also discussed how each element of a magazine needs to be studied to gain a holistic overview.